Become a Dealer at CJC

So you're interested in selling your products and finds at Carver Junk Company? We're honored you'd consider us! Here are some details:

First, please email, and we'll send you a dealer/consignor information packet and application. You can either email or mail it back, or drop it off in person. We request things like photos of your items, and prices.

Second, know that we have a waiting list. But it's not a "first come, first in" waiting list. We like to keep a great mix of different products and styles in our store. We choose the dealer or consignor with the best mix of products, prices, and style for the opening we have at that current moment. 

What's the difference between a dealer and a consignor? It's not a huge difference, but we outline it like this:
  • A dealer has a set "lease" period for which they have committed to stock a specific area of the store. They bring in a ton of products each month. They have pretty free range over what they bring in each month, how they stage it, and what prices they set. For example, we have 5 dealers in our store right now, and they each have about 100 sq ft of space they call their own (though we often "share" items between rooms to help them stage the best store possible).
  • A consignor is someone we work with to fill a specific need within the store. The often specialize in a particular product like soaps, textiles, or custom-built furniture. They drop off a set number of pieces each month, and we stage those items throughout the store. We discuss pricing of each product or piece before it's brought into the store. For example, we have about 10 different consignors of different products right now, but the number varies from month to month depending on space available, season, and product mix!
Still think you're a great fit for Carver Junk? Then we'd LOVE to hear from you! Please email us at, and we'll get that packet and application over to you ASAP!

Chad, Brandy and the CJC gang!

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