Friday, December 21, 2012

French-Kissed - A Little Dresser Before and After

French kissed. Clever, huh? Maybe that's what we should call our new paint color creation, which we mixed up just for this french provinicial-style dresser we madeover last weekend. Or...maybe we should stick to junking, and painting....and not clever-blog-title-writing....

Here's her before {oh, and don't ask how I decide which furniture pieces are "he" vs. "she" - I just use whichever seems right at the this case, she's curvy, flirty, and just downright pretty. So, she's a "she."}

Before: Pretty good shape. Clean. Boring (please don't be offended if you love her Before. she hung out in the store for 3 months in her Before state, and no one loved her enough to give her a new home).

After.  Homemade chalk paint, mixed with our own version of Tiffany blue paint (now known as French Kissed), and white painted hardware. Two coats of paint, a couple coats of wax, and she's officially made-over!

Within an hour of posting on Facebook, she was sold! She never even made it back to the store, but we're so happy she's going to a 9-year old girl. What an awesome Christmas surprise! {though we're sure this was just an add-on to the rest of her more typical 9-year old gifts!}

Have an awesome pre-Christmas weekend. Happy Holidays from our family to yours.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A New Space for a New Year!

Exciting news: {drumroll please.....}       We're Moving!

If you follow us on Facebook, you may have already seen the announcement, but here are some more details.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Junkiest Blogs on the Internets, Part 1

Howdy-Ho. Was surfing through some of the best junk-related, repurposing, refinishing, staging, crafting blogs this morning, and thought to myself "I really oughta share the wealth." For those of you who've been living the junking life for years now, you probably already know about all of these fabulous sites. For the newbies (myself included), these can't be topped for inspiration and that part-of-the-junk-community feeling.
In no particular order:
Funky Junk Sisters. No-brainer. These sisters live and love vintage, and run flea markets called Junk Salvation! Check out this post about how to use vintage sewing patterns:

Junk Fest. A great blog for befores and afters, inspiration, ingenuity, and down-to-earth-edness. Somewhere on her site, she has a before and after of a railroad cart. See if you can find it! Here's a great post about some perfectly finished, un-finished chairs she saved from "dumpster heaven":

Junk Garden Girl. Pretty, girly, diverse and junky. It's like a "best of Pinterest" for the junkers-at-heart crowd. It's not industrial, barn-type junk, but more of a "random assortment of very clear categories of stuff" kind of junk. Check it out, you'll understand. Here's a post on How to Organize your Stuff (Junk?):

Come back tomorrow for Part 2!

Share your favorite junking blog in the comments section below!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Railroad Cart Reveal - our new coffee table

I'm running a little short on time this morning, but want to get this before/after post up before the week gets even more crazy!  The shop is open Thursday - Saturday this weekend, which always means tons of last-minute work to do to get it ready. Like pricing all the new items we've brought in!

Pretend this is one of those MadLibs-type blog posts, and fill in the captions (outloud or silently) as you go. The end result will be "Here is the super awesome finished cart in our new, not-yet-accessorized living room."


So, what was your favorite caption? Have you done anything this ambitous for your own house? How did it turn out?! Share a link to the photos!