Friday, December 21, 2012

French-Kissed - A Little Dresser Before and After

French kissed. Clever, huh? Maybe that's what we should call our new paint color creation, which we mixed up just for this french provinicial-style dresser we madeover last weekend. Or...maybe we should stick to junking, and painting....and not clever-blog-title-writing....

Here's her before {oh, and don't ask how I decide which furniture pieces are "he" vs. "she" - I just use whichever seems right at the this case, she's curvy, flirty, and just downright pretty. So, she's a "she."}

Before: Pretty good shape. Clean. Boring (please don't be offended if you love her Before. she hung out in the store for 3 months in her Before state, and no one loved her enough to give her a new home).

After.  Homemade chalk paint, mixed with our own version of Tiffany blue paint (now known as French Kissed), and white painted hardware. Two coats of paint, a couple coats of wax, and she's officially made-over!

Within an hour of posting on Facebook, she was sold! She never even made it back to the store, but we're so happy she's going to a 9-year old girl. What an awesome Christmas surprise! {though we're sure this was just an add-on to the rest of her more typical 9-year old gifts!}

Have an awesome pre-Christmas weekend. Happy Holidays from our family to yours.

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