Sunday, June 9, 2013

Whimsical Vintage-Inspired Rustic Wedding Invitations

Whimsical Rustic Vintage-Inspired-Wedding Invitations. Whew, that's a mouthful. Perhaps our wedding has an identity crisis??  We prefer to think of it as the perfect eclectic mix of "us"-ness, all rolled into one big event!

The wedding is on a farm, with the ceremony taking place outside under a big tree, that will be backed with flag banners (or, bunting, as Etsy calls them). They'll match the ones you see on the top of the invitation and RSVP card below. They'll be made primarily from vintage fabric. And they are the one common theme running through the entire wedding, along with the colors. The bunting will also hang from the ceiling of the barn, where our reception will take place, seated at tables with handmade paper flowers in vintage white milk-glass vases.

So it breaks down a little like this:
Farm/Barn:  Rustic
Materials/Decor: Vintage
Colors/Decor/"Feeling": Whimsical
All of these combined: Chad and Brandy (that's us)!

Here's a little peek at the invitations and RSVP cards we are sending out. 

We had originally intended to just stack them, stamp them, stuff them, and send them off. But that didn't feel like an exciting enough "first look" into the flavor of our wedding, for those who would be receiving the invites. So, I spiced it up a bit, with some yarn left over from the yarn flowers I'm making (more to come on that another day.

Better, but still kind of boring. The color matched, but it was still missing the "rustic" part of the vibe. I was doing this all on the dining room table, and as I took the photo, I looked at the burlap runner sitting next to the invite, and thought, "huh. that could be cool...." and snipped off a corner. Yep, just cut out a square of the dining room table runner. I'm crazy like that.  {side note, we have more burlap than I know what to do with, I can make another.} I cut it just barely larger than the RSVP card. 

Perfect! I showed Chad, he loved it, and then, being all practical-guy-like, said "that's going to be a lot of work to do for EVERY invitation. Is it really worth it?" Ugh, yes. Of course it is. Plus, my momma is going to help stuff the invitations, and she won't mind. 

But I did decide that I needed a way to mass-produce the different pieces. Invitations, check. mass-produced those for us. We <3 them. Plus, they are local - right in our backyard! {Chaska, MN}

I took the perfect length I'd already cut, and walked around the dining room until I could find something that was the same length as that single piece. I discovered that if I wrapped it around the top portion of the chair, exactly one time around was the same length. So I went to town! I wrapped that whole skein of yarn around the back of the chair, counting for a while until my attention span gave out, until it was approximately 150 turns around the chair. Then I just cut the whole thing in one spot. Voila! ALL of my strings cut at once. See, Chad? It won't be so hard, after all!

Ramsey couldn't figure out what the heck was going on. And how was that ball of string moving all by itself?! Unfortunately, she wasn't much help.

But check this out! Remember the Sola Flower Pomander Ball we posted last week? Check out how the colors match! {look at the oranges and pinks in the little flags below - not the yarn. Fun!}

So there it is! My favorite part?  The cheeky comment at the bottom of the RSVP Card that says, "RSVP by August 1st, or bring a sandwich and a lawn chair."  Haha! And we mean it. 

Oh, P.S. did our printing, but we got the original templates for our Save the Dates, Invitations, and RSVP cards from They have some awesome free template downloads - in fact, you can type the info right into their website, and they give you a finished file! We loved the basis of the templates, but wanted to customize our wording a bit more, change up some fonts, etc - and Chad's a photoshop wizard. You won't get exactly what you see here off, but they definitely are a great budget {ie, free} place to start!!

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