Friday, April 26, 2013

A Great Primitive Find - an Antique File Cabinet. Scrapbook, Photo, Jewelry Storage Cabinet.

We recently found this antique filing cabinet. We're not even sure that's the proper term for it - the drawers are about 1" high, and 15" wide. It would be perfect to use for scrapbooking supplies, photography, or jewelry.

It's also stacking. The whole thing is really three separate units. It could all be separated if you wanted, but there's currently a back on it that connects all three units, and makes it incredibly sturdy.

Take a peek:

How would you use this piece?  What room would you put it in? Does anyone have any ideas on age or original use (beyond just a regular old filing cabinet)?

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  1. Where did you find such a beauty? I have no real idea of what it was used for, just guesses, like maybe for photographs or prints? Perhaps it was just used for tools. When they are single file in a shallow drawer, you don't have to dig. I'm sure someone with knowledge could tell you. It's so very cool. I would be thrilled to ever find such a thing!

  2. That's a wonderful find! It looks like it might be a printer/typesetter cabinet. When newspapers were set by hand, using individual letters and symbols, the type was stored in shallow drawers similar to the one you found.

  3. This is awesome...fabulous ...over the top WONDERFUL and thanks for sharing!!!!! LOVE IT!!!! hugs...

  4. Oh I love this!!! I'm not sure what I would use it for, maybe supplies? But it even just looks awesome! I've seen a few of these before at the auction, but they always go pretty high in price. Happy weekend! xx Holly