Saturday, April 27, 2013

Repurposed Mini Globe Pendant Light

We weren't brilliant (oh yes, that was my attempt at a light-related pun...) enough to have come up with the idea of a globe pendant light all by ourselves. I honestly can't remember where I saw it first....Pinterest, most likely. But, we did come across the perfect already-broken mini globe when we were shopping up in the U.P. of Michigan!  The tape had come loose around the center, and it was falling off its base. So, we repurposed it!

We used both halves, making two hanging pendant lights. The pendant light was a kit, and was super easy to put together.

We just cut a hole in the top of each half. Nothing fancy here, I held the bottom of the light socket on the top and traced around it, then cut it with a utility knife. The socket threaded in perfectly, and then for extra security, there is a little round plastic piece that screws onto it from the inside of the globe, sort of sandwiching the globe half within the light socket!  Screwed in an edison bulb from good ol' Home Depot, and hung it up!  It currently plugs into an outlet, but could also be shortened and hard-wired to a switch.

We also use a low-watt bulb in it - still bright enough for light, but the globe is still paper, at the end of the day :)

It's shown here hanging from an antique birdcage stand. {which would also be oh-so-cute for holding a vintage bird cage or wedding decor}!

We think it would be adorable in a nursery or kid's room. Where would you hang it?

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  1. Oh I love your repurpose! I've seen a couple of these too....probably on pinterest! :) So neat! xo Holly